Crassula Sarcocaulis - CUTTING

CHF 9.00
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Very nice strong plant head cuttings of Crassula sarcocaulis (see picture); from the rejuvenation of the own organically grown mother plant (see picture; this is NOT for sale) from our own plant collection; do you have a green thumb & patience - then you can grow your own unique Crassula sarcocaulis (as cutting or bonsai tree). the cutting is only cut after payment has been received or when collection is confirmed. cut freshly from the mother plant (according to the picture); not overfertilised, therefore robust & top healthy (quality before quantity!), slow growing (with rest in winter), not hardy; pot into a well-drained substrate; for sunny locations; between 03-10 the plant can stand outside in a sunny/bright location; no waterlogging, please! enjoy your new Crassula sarcocaulis!

You get the plant cutting of the displayed size.