Ficus Lyrata - CUTTING

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Introducing Ficus Lyrata: Experience the allure of this remarkable plant with its stunning, pure-green, leathery leaves. Our Ficus Lyrata is carefully cultivated, offering head cuttings measuring about 40cm in length. Rest assured, these cuttings are freshly sourced from our 100% organically grown mother plant, ensuring top-notch quality.

To promote optimal growth, we recommend a simple rejuvenation process. Start by rooting the cutting in water for the first 3-4 weeks, allowing it to establish a strong foundation. Then, transplant it into a well-draining substrate to continue its flourishing journey.

Our Ficus Lyrata boasts robust health, thanks to our organic approach. We prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring a plant that is not over-fertilized but maintains its resilience. Having thrived outdoors since spring, it has been well acclimated to various conditions. Keep in mind that it thrives best in light to partial shade, avoiding direct sun exposure.

To maintain its beauty, we recommend showering off the leaves or gently wiping them with a damp cloth once a month—a simple act that will keep your plant in splendid condition. With its captivating presence, our Ficus Lyrata makes for a stunning specimen plant—an absolute eye-catcher that adds elegance and uniqueness to any space.

Your get the displayed plant cutting.