Maranta Leuconeura Light Veins Fantasy - CUTTING

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Maranta Leuconeura Light Veins Fantasy offered as fresh to cut - about 10-15cm long head cuttings - from my 100% organically grown mother plant (according to the picture, this in itself is not for sale; I want to rejuvenate it again and promote the further healthy growth... ); after receiving it, let it root in water for about 2-3weeks - change the water for the fresh one every 2nd -3rd day; the cuttings in general root better in a darkened vessel / container than just in the "glass". Then pot into the permeable organic substrate; grow in a bright (and not directly sunny) location; spray often with water - Marantas love it moist & warm...; just beautiful leaves with a unique leaf pattern; creeping or hanging with time; originating from Brazil; with time it becomes quite bushy (can be divided / cut back again); avoid waterlogging; 3-5 times a week to shower off the leaves does the plant very well; grown WITHOUT massive use of fertilizers therefore robust and top healthy (100% organic quality before quantity!); enjoy your new unique Maranta Leuconeura Light Veins Fantasy!

You get the plant CUTTING of the 10-15cm size.