Solandra Longiflora - ROOTED CUTTING

CHF 18.00
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Solandra Longiflora - rooted cuttings - about 15-20cm long - from my own mother plant from my plant collection; 100% organic therefore 100% growing guarantee - already with healthy root system; not overfertilised, therefore top healthy and robust (100% organic quality before quantity! ), slow and natural growing (with growth pause in winter), not winter-hardy; intended for a (very) sunny location, from spring to late autumn (without frost days) the plant is happy to enjoy the fresh air and rain outside; otherwise a monthly rinsing of the leaves does the plant a lot of good; do you have a green thumb & patience - then you can grow your own unique Solandra Longiflora; I wish you a lot of fun!

You get the displayed plant cutting of the given size.