Alocasia Cadieri

CHF 236.00
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Alocasia Cadieri - from central Vietnam; with great vigour (upright and spreading); olive-green leaf blades, dull yellow/white veins; from own 100% organic cultivation, therefore very high quality; planted in self-mixed permeable organic substrate (repotting only desired in 2-3years); grown WITHOUT fertiliser, therefore robust and top healthy (100% organic quality before quantity!); beautiful as a solitary plant; for the room or terrace. ); beautiful as a solitary plant; for the room, terrace or conservatory.

The plants love it warm and humid (indoors you can shower them regularly with lukewarm water). They grow best in (semi-)shade, although most species can also thrive in the sun as long as they get enough water.

Between 05-10, the can also be grown as a container plant in the garden in a sunny to semi-shady location. Neither the plant nor the tuber are hardy!

You get the displayed plant.