Inspired by the flower meadows of my childhood; where I always made the bouquets for my dear mother. At that time, I unconsciously took it for granted that you could find different types of flowers - grass - in a meadow and pick them thoughtlessly. Nowadays it is called "bio-diversity". Due to the heavy fertilisation of meadows - mostly only grass grows which is mown 2-3-4 times a year - there is basically no space for flowers - for butterflies - for insects. Profit and high yields come first...  The urban environment is taking up more and more of the natural meadow habitat; more housing - more parking areas - more industry... Unfortunately, the unspoiled nature on which we all depend is often neglected. When on my botanical journeys I keep coming across (and thank God more and more often) the beautifully flowering meadows, then all the beautiful memories from my childhood come up... The beautiful scents, the warm summer, the buzzing of the bumblebee and the bees, the rustling of the wind, the dance of the flowers, the colourful butterflies; just the beauty of that time.

Through my "WILDFLOWER" photo series, I bring this beauty and this feeling to the wall, so that you can also feel this beauty every time you look at it.