My goal is to place the plant to the right person, which has the perfect place for the plant to grow it for at leats next "100 years"... There is almost for each kind of space (apart from those without the day light) the right plant.
Just tell me what you are looking for and I tell you what would be the best choice for you (and the plant itself as well). 
Tom is generally reachable 24hours per 7days per 4weeks per 12months per 1year in his TOMs FLOWer CLUB under the following WhatsApp telephone connection: zerozero4one7six4six2seven2seven3




In case you need some colourful plant / flower / tree etc. related photo content for your website, company materials, feel free to contact me: Over the past years I have created an extensive portfolio of different plant related themes (colors, plants, shapes, etc.). 
Alternatively I also accept the project work on site based on your expectations and needs.

As reference to my work, please take a look at:


All my photo art works presented on this website AND in my Foto-PORTFOLIO are for sale in limited edition runs of 139 only and will be delivered to you, framed as real photo print of museum quality, behind 2mm acrylic glass and signed, numbered and certified. I guarantee a maximum of 139 copies of 1 artwork per different size.

For "B2B" clients there is also the possibility for changing exhibitions, i.e. my photo works I also offer for rent in the requested size format for a named period of time.

There is the purchase, rent-purchase or rent model of my pictures. From the experience of my clients, the rotation of pictures in the rental model in 3/6/12-monthly rhythm has proven to be a refreshing change in the given premises (for both the employees and visitors).

The works to be delivered are framed as real photo print of museum quality behind 2mm acrylic glass and come signed, numbered and certified. I would be also happy to assist you on site with the choice of pictures matching your e.g. corporate identity or colour theme.

For further information about prices, payment methods, shipping, general conditions or any other questions, please contact me via email: or find the requested information here