Bromelia / Vriesea Splenriet

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Vriesea Splenriet, also known as the "Flaming Sword", is a popular cultivar of Vriesea splendens. It is often referred to as the flaming sword due to its strikingly colourful inflorescence, which resembles a sword. This plant originates from Trinidad, eastern Venezuela and the Guianas and was introduced to European horticulture in 1840.
Vriesea 'Splenriet' is favoured for both its vibrant, long-lasting inflorescence and its attractive, patterned foliage. The leaves are typically green with dark horizontal stripes, making the plant a decorative eye-catcher even outside the flowering season. It thrives in humid environments and prefers indirect light, making it ideal for indoor cultivation. The combination of bright colours and the unique sword-like shape makes Vriesea 'Splenriet' a favourite among plant lovers.

Offered is TOM's FLOWer CLUB collection plant (1 of 1); about 50cm in diameter and about 80cm tall incl. flower stem; with the red glass vase/pot without drainage hole. Simply a beautiful statement plant for modern interiors. 

You get the displayed plant.