Caladium Lindenii / Xanthosoma Lindenii Magnifica

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Caladium Lindenii also known as Xanthosoma Lindenii Magnifica; occurs in nature from Panama to Colombia; is popularly cultivated as a houseplant and is popular because of the striking white veins on the green leaves; prefers a medium-light location without indirect sunlight; evergreen ornamental plant that grows from a rhizome with striking, arrow-shaped, thin-leaved leaves; forms tubers and loses most of its leaves when it goes dormant.

The plants like it warm and humid (indoors you can shower them regularly with lukewarm water); neither the plant nor the tuber is hardy!

From own propagation; division from the mother plant; planted in self-mixed permeable organic substrate and grown in the winter garden WITHOUT fertilizer, therefore robust and top healthy (100% organic quality before quantity!); repotting only desired in 1-2 years; beautiful as a solitary plant; for the room, terrace or winter garden.

You get the plant of the displayed size.