Calathea White Fusion

CHF 23.00
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Calathea White Fusion - young plant - from the division of the organically grown mother plant in the winter garden (division of the rootstock in spring 2022); own propagation; planted in self-mixed permeable organic substrate; repotting only desired in 1-2years when the pot is again overgrown with new plant shoots; it will be a very beautiful, strong plant because of organic cultivation; simply beautiful leaves with a unique leaf pattern; medium size (up to 50cm); grown outdoors from spring 2022 until autumn; not over-fertilised, therefore top healthy and robust (100% organic quality before quantity!); with time it will be quite strong. ); with time it will become quite bushy (can be divided again if desired); the plant is rather for a semi-shady location (no direct sun, please); avoid waterlogging & dry air; 1-2-3 times a week to shower off the leaves (or spray more often with water) is very good for the plant; much joy with your new Calathea White Fusion - "white magic pure :-)"! 

You get the displayed plant.