Dizygotheca elegantissima

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Dizygotheca elegantissima originating from New Caledonia, also known as "false or finger Aralia"; the plants have deeply toothed leaves that are shiny green on top and copper-red on the underside. In its native habitat it can reach tree-like size; from own seed propagation; the plants were grown outdoors (it is not a greenhouse culture!) without massive use of fertilizer (100% organic quality before quantity!) therefore healthy & robust. ) therefore healthy & robust; potted up in a permeable self-mixed organic substrate; repotting only desired in 1-2 years; beautifully cut leaves in the almost black colour; the plant is rather for a half-shady location (but still bright) / no direct sun; 1x a month to shower off the leaves does the plant very well. Enjoy your new Dizygotheca elegantissima!

You get the plant of the displayed size.