Dracaena White Bird

CHF 18.00
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From my own propagation - rejuvenation of the organically grown mother plant (in my plant collection for over 20 years), about 20cm long three stem cuttings with the first new side shoots, already very well grown; grown slowly &. without fertiliser therefore top healthy & robust (100% organic quality before quantity!); no sprays-growth-hormones-shine-emitters for the leaves; the plant is rather for a half not direct-sunny location; from spring (May) the plant can also be grown outside at the shady location - thereby the leaves are really nice and leathery; 1-2-3x a month to shower off the leaves (or more often spray with water) is very good for the plant; not winter-hardy; much joy with your new "plant-companion" - Dracaena "White Bird"!

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