Epipremnum Aureum

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Epipremnum Aureum is a beautiful variety of Epipremnum where the leaves are very distinctive bright yellow-green. This variety has yellow or striped yellow stems and a compact habit. It is a very low-maintenance climber and can grow very long in a very short time (within a year it can reach a nine growth of 1m; with good care, of course). It can also grow as a hanging plant.

Offered is a fully established plant from my own propagation; not overfertilised, therefore robust & top healthy (100% organic quality before quantity!). ), no spray gloss for the leaves, no greenhouse culture, slow grown; beautiful, bright yellow-green variegated leaves, cultivated form, the wild form is at home in tropical and subtropical Asia, houseplant, hanging shoots (these can always be cut back and propagated accordingly), planted in a well-drained self-mixed compost/garden soil substrate (repotting desired in about 1-2 years), for a bright (but not directly sunny) location, like to spray with water 1-3 times a week, resp. the leaf showers; not hardy, enjoy your new Epipremnum Aureum.

Did you know that...?
The generic epithet 'Epipremnum' is derived from the Greek words 'epi' (on) and 'premna' (tree stump), a reference to the epiphytic growth habit of the plants of this genus. The species epithet 'pinnatum' refers to the pinnately lobed shape of the mature leaves.

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