Fatsia Japonica Spider's Web / Fatsia Tsumugi-shibori

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This desirable, rare fatsia has white speckles and spots on broad, palmate leaves. The variegation changes with the seasons and the age of the plant. It was named by Mr. Hirose from Iwakuni (Japan) where the Fatsias are cultivated ("japonica").

Offered is a 2-year-old plant, organically grown from seed; potted in a self-mixed permeable organic substrate; not over-fertilised, therefore top healthy and robust (quality before quantity!); repotting not desired until 2022/-23; with time it will become quite vigorous (according to pictures of mother plant; this one is not a good plant). pictures of mother plant; this one is not for sale); once a month washing off the leaves does the plant a lot of good; it is conditionally hardy; no direct sun (also suitable for (semi-)shady locations; in my case the Fatsias stand on the protected house wall over the whole winter; the leaves then become quite leathery and robust; Have fun with your new very fascinating Fatsia japonica v. "Spider's Web" / Fatsia Tsumugi-shibori!

You get the displayed plant.