Hoya retusa

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Hoya Retusa is a tropical botanical masterpiece that is very popular for its beauty. It has dainty, charming leaves that are also amazingly narrow and flat. This special feature makes it an outstanding ornamental plant. Furthermore, the flowering season with its beautiful red double flowers adds to its beauty. The thin, long and narrow foliage of this species is an exciting feature of the plant and also the reason why many botany enthusiasts love it as an ornamental plant. As the plant grows and matures, the foliage elongates and becomes bushy. These leaves are also the reason why the plant is commonly called "grass-leaved hoya". As far as low temperatures are concerned, this plant is relatively more tolerant than others. The lowest temperature it can safely tolerate is 5C. As soon as the weather turns frosty or it starts to snow, the plant needs to move its location to a warmer corner.

...from the rejuvenation of the mother plant, own propagation; easy to care for, a simple houseplant, originating from India; hanging shoots; not overfertilised therefore top healthy and robust (quality before quantity!), not hardy, also suitable for semi-shady locations, no waterlogging, please; planted in self-mixed organic substrate (the next 1-2years the plant does not need to be repotted); enjoy your new Hoya retusa.

You get the displayed plant.