Pistia stratiotes / Water Lettuce in glass vase

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Pistia stratiotes, also called "shell flower", with its original habitat in the tropics and subtropics; floating plant in stagnant freshwater; for indoor (aquarium/decorative containers) & outdoor (lakes and garden ponds); not hardy, for a sunny to semi-shady spot (e.g. directly by the window) with shallow water depths. It does not appreciate constant water movement. The warmer the water temperature, the stronger it grows; from own propagation/division, division of the mother plant from own plant collection, not overfertilised therefore top healthy and robust (100% organic quality before quantity!), easy to care for, in a 20cm (height) x 11cm diameter glass vase - so you can also see the WurzelWerk... Enjoy your new tropical beauty - Pistia stratiotes / shell flower!

You get the displayed plant with the 20x11cm glas vase.