Protea Cynaroides Little Prince

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Protea Cynaroides Little Prince is a cultivar of Protea Cynaroides, commonly known as King Protea. The King Protea originates from South Africa and is famous for its large, magnificent flowers that resemble a crown. The Little Prince variety is a dwarf variety of the King Protea. It is more compact and is suitable for smaller gardens or container plantings. It usually grows to around 60-90 cm tall and wide. The leathery, dark green, oval leaves form an attractive background for the flowers. The flowers are large, usually 10-15 cm in diameter, with a central flower cluster surrounded by colourful bracts. Depending on the variety, the colour of the bracts can range from pink to red to creamy white.

The plant thrives in Mediterranean climates with mild, damp winters and hot, dry summers. It is not frost-tolerant and prefers a climate without extreme cold. In winter, it can be overwintered very well in a conservatory that is not too warm with less water. During the growing season, the plant prefers full sun in order to flower and grow optimally. A well-drained, acidic to neutral soil (as with rhododendrons) is ideal. Proteas do not tolerate heavy clay soil or waterlogging. Moderate watering is necessary, especially during dry periods, but the soil should dry out between waterings to prevent root rot. 

You get the displayed plant, which is currently in full blossom.