Sansevieria Hahnii "Golden Wendy"

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...from own Sansevieria collection (division of mother plant, see picture, this one is not for sale); beautiful and very rare Asian cross of S.Hahnii; a small "jewel" with thin, wrinkled and twisted leaves, with a broad yellow centre and thin green edges; not overfertilised therefore top healthy and robust (quality before quantity!); very slow growing; potted in self-mixed well-drained organic substrate (repotting only in 1 year desired); not hardy and easy to care for. ); very slow growing; potted in a self-mixed permeable organic substrate (repotting only desired in 1 year); not hardy, easy to care for, sunny to semi-shady location; no waterlogging, please!

All my Sansevierias from my collection (over 100 species) grow slowly, without being massively fertilised, with the growth pause in winter. As a result, they are top healthy, robust and simply look natural. Sansevierias are not hardy, as plants are supposed to clean the indoor air and increase the oxygen content in the house. Enjoy your new Sansevieria Hahnii "Golden Wendy"!

You get the displayed plant.