July 06, 2023

Magnificent GUNNERA MANICATA - a Marvel of Nature

By Tomas Rodak
Close-up of Gunnera Manicata leaf showing its large, textured foliage and distinct veining in the Zurich Botanical Garden, TOMs FLOWer CLUB plants for sale

Welcome to TOMs FLOWER CLUB, where we proudly present the awe-inspiring Gunnera Manicata. Originating from the lush landscapes of South America, this remarkable plant is a true marvel of nature. In this article, we will delve into the origins, plant care, size, and availability of Gunnera Manicata, ensuring you have all the information you need to appreciate and cultivate this botanical wonder.

Origin and Background: Gunnera Manicata, also known as Giant Rhubarb or Dinosaur Food, is native to the damp forests and streambanks of Brazil and Chile. Its large, umbrella-like leaves and imposing size make it a captivating addition to any garden. At TOMs FLOWER CLUB, we take pride in sourcing our Gunnera Manicata specimens from reputable growers who prioritize sustainable and organic practices.

Plant Care: To ensure the health and vitality of your Gunnera Manicata, it is important to provide it with the right growing conditions. Here are some key care guidelines to follow:

  1. Moisture: Gunnera Manicata thrives in moist environments. It is best planted near water sources such as ponds, streams, or water features. Ensure that the soil is consistently damp, but not waterlogged, to mimic its natural habitat.

  2. Sunlight: While Gunnera Manicata prefers partial shade, it can tolerate full sun in cooler climates. In hotter regions, it benefits from some protection from intense sunlight to prevent leaf scorching.

  3. Soil: This plant thrives in rich, well-draining soil. Organic matter, such as compost or well-rotted manure, can be incorporated to improve soil fertility and moisture retention.

  4. Size and Spacing: Gunnera Manicata is known for its colossal size, with leaves that can reach up to 3 meters in diameter. Ensure ample space for its growth, allowing at least 2-3 meters between plants to accommodate its expansive foliage.

Availability: At TOMs FLOWER CLUB, we take great care in cultivating Gunnera Manicata through our own propagation methods. Our plants are 100% organically grown, ensuring their health and resilience. However, due to the limited availability of Gunnera Manicata, we recommend checking our stock regularly or contacting me to secure this botanical treasure for your garden.

Conclusion: The Gunnera Manicata, with its magnificent size, striking appearance, and unique origin, is a plant that captures the imagination of garden enthusiasts. At TOMs FLOWER CLUB, we are delighted to offer this remarkable species to our customers. By following the recommended plant care guidelines, you can create a captivating focal point in your garden and enjoy the beauty of Gunnera Manicata for years to come. Don't miss out on the limited stock availability - visit TOMs FLOWER CLUB today and embark on an extraordinary botanical journey.