Haworthia is a genus of small succulent plants native to Southern Africa. They are commonly grown as houseplants due to their attractive appearance and ease of care.

Haworthia plants have a rosette-shaped growth habit, with thick, fleshy leaves that are often marked with stripes or spots. The leaves are usually green, but some species have a reddish or brownish tint. The leaves are usually arranged in a spiral pattern, and they grow from a central point, forming a compact clump.

Haworthia plants are often mistaken for their close relatives, the Aloe plants, due to their similar appearance. However, Haworthia plants can be distinguished from Aloe plants by their smaller size, and by the presence of small, white or transparent "windows" on the leaves, which allow light to reach the inner tissues of the plant.

Haworthia plants are generally easy to care for, and can be grown in a variety of conditions. They prefer bright, indirect light and well-draining soil. They are drought-tolerant, and should be watered only when the soil has completely dried out. Haworthia plants can also be propagated easily from offsets, which grow from the base of the parent plant.