TOM's 40 years of plant experience 

... when you ask me when I started "with my PLANT LOVE"; I can easily answer: "Since I can think back into my childhood..."; in the 90th with my green house and first cactus collection, propagation in the sterile glasses; from each visit at family and friends I have received a cutting, which was always growing under my careful supervision. So the collection was growing and growing... I think, everyone knows this feeling of luckiness...    

After my university studies (no, I did not study biology...) and during my first quite challenging job in several countries, plants - among others - have always been a perfect (work-life)-balance for me. I can only agree with the statement that "plants make people happy!"

...and I am happy as I love what I DO! 

I see each plant as unique "art work of nature"; each one is different - each one is beautiful in its own way... To keeping such moments of beauty, I also discovered the world of photography long time ago... 

i LOVE photography















& i love ART; especially the FLORAL ART (you may wish to have a look into my TOMsARTFLOWerCLUB ... 

i LOVE interesting PEOPLE

Having discovered the "social" platforms just few years ago; I am quite thankful for the interesting exchange with many plant friends all around the globe...

If you would LOVE to join my


I am more than pleased by your appreciation... 


... your "TOM von Sanse Viera" 


ALL the plants offered for sale on this platform come either from my own plant collection and propagation (I love to propagate and to see how the plants are growing!) or from small / private plant collections.

My plant collection was established at the time when I was starting attending the primary school (the first plants I have started with were several cactus plants from the shop window of the local library), the journey continued with the own plants grown from the cactus seedlings... then I was heavily hit by the succulent love in general, followed by the wild pelargoniums, orchids and finally I have "stopped" for the moment with the unique sansevierias (for the moment I have over 100 differed varieties in my collection) and some of the tropical plants (especially caladiums).

I solely offer plants which are grown in a self-mixed bio-soil; none of the plants has been treated with any pesticides and/or growth hormones; and a let the plants growing in their natural periods (i.e. where required with the dormant period during our summer/winter time) so that each plant becomes robust, healthy and looks like a natural plant (rather than a "perfect" home decoration - and please beg my pardon - without any plant soul...).

If you are looking for a plant, which has received the time to grow naturally, a plant which might not be a perfect piece because the nature wanted to have it that way, a plant which definitely needs your attention and care, so then TOMsFLOWerCLUB is for you the right place to step in. Should you find some plant(s) for you, please consider whether it is really the right one for you. Plants are "growing" (if they like their new place and appreciate your care); some are growing pretty fast... some rather very slow; some need full sun... some rather pretty shady place. Do you have the right place? This is always the key question... Do not take the plants just because you like them...? Try to see it through plants' perspective... Do you think that the dessert cactus "enjoys" growing in the moss bowl, just because you like it...? 

For the perfect plant you might also like to get a nice ARTsy pots & platers; I am not interested in the main stream... I am rather looking for the unique pieces created by the artists' hands, which become in combination with your unique plant(s) one of the HighLights of your living/working space.

For your (may be still) empty walls you can take one of my floral photographs or paper prints; take a part of the "green energy" into your cosy homes. The "advantage" is that such flowers/plants do not need watering... 

Last but not least, a trendy TAKE YOUR BAG, from the certified - fair trade cotton production can be your companion through your daily (shopping) routine (& not only for your plant shopping).

Any questions and/or inputs; feel free to click here - sale@takeyourbag.ch - and drop me a message. I am looking forward to hearing your voice. 

Couple years ago I read the following: "The garden is the last luxury of our days, because it requires what is most precious in our society, time, attention and space."(Prof. Dr. Ing. Dieter Kienast 1945 - 1998)

How honestly true...