TAKE YOUR BAG is not only a bag made of 100% organic cotton, produced according to the highest standards, but also a way of life. TAKE YOUR BAG is at the same time a sign to the outside world, which reflects that you as the owner of the TAKE YOUR BAG(s) are concerned about environmental protection and especially plastic bag consumption.

In earlier generations it was a matter of course that you always had your own bag with you when you went shopping, for example. A bag that you take again and again and do not have to rely on the bags offered in the supermarket (unfortunately still in many cases made of plastic). The TAKE YOUR BAG bag is a "designer statement bag", a bag with an open or hidden message. By buying the TAKE YOUR BAG bag you are a part of the TAKE YOUR BAG community. Visit TAKEYOURBAGNOW on Instagram to show the world how you make a statement and enjoy your TAKE YOUR BAG every day. TAKE YOUR BAG connects! We are incredibly excited to go this way with you all. But please don't forget before every shopping, every journey: "TAKE YOUR BAG"!


Making sustainable products can be difficult. But with certificates it does not have to be. They guide us through the supply chain, from the cotton field to the end product, and tell us what is right. The external organisations define and monitor the relevant certificates; these are the guarantee that NEUTRAL® bags are produced according to the highest international social, ethical and ecological standards. This process is called Certified Responsibility™.

100% organic cotton bags of the brand NEUTRAL®, are produced according to Global Organic Textile Standards (“GOTS”). The 100% organic cotton is certified according to "GOTS" sustainable textile methods, certified and tested by the Control Union. The aim of the standard is to ensure that the textiles are produced using organic raw materials and environmentally and socially acceptable methods.

Products with the official EU label for greener products ("EU Ecolabel") have a comparatively low impact on air, water, soil, quality, consumption of natural resources, global warming and biodiversity. The products must pass rigorous tests with corresponding results verified by an independent body. The label only decorates products that meet these requirements.

SA8000 is based on the principles of international human rights standards. It measures the performance of companies in eight key areas: Child labour, forced labour, health and safety, free association and collective bargaining, discrimination, disciplinary procedures, working hours and compensation. The Oeko-Tex 100 Standard deals comprehensively with the human-ecological side of textile products. It evaluates and tests harmful substances in processed textiles intended to come into contact with consumers.

Earth Positive Organic Textile 
100% organic cotton bags of the brand EarthPositive® are produced according to
Global Organic Textile Standards (“GOTS”). The GOTS-Certificate ensures that no questionable chemicals are used during the cultivation and processing of the cotton. EarthPositive® demonstrates the highest possible environmental and social standards in the midst of one of the most polluting industries and provides the promotional apparel industry with a medium to actively raise awareness of the problem of climate change. The Continental EarthPositive® collection was the first of its kind to include all of the following environmentally friendly aspects
  • Climate friendly
EarthPositive® means low-carbon production. Closed-loop production significantly reduces CO2 emissions throughout the entire cycle of cultivation, processing, packaging and transport. Every station in the production process has been tested. The energy required comes from renewable energy resources, especially wind power. The natural CO2 emissions during cultivation and transport are compensated by increased production of green energy.

  • Environmentally friendly
EarthPositive® products are supplied in PVC-free packaging and 100% recyclable cardboard boxes.
  • Organic Cotton
EarthPositive® is certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which includes not only the cotton, but the entire production process, packaging, etc.
  • Ethical Business Practices
Continental Clothing Company, the manufacturer of EarthPositive® cotton bags, is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, which means it supports fair and ethical working conditions worldwide.

The FAIRTRADE® certified cotton bags originate from fair trade. By purchasing this bag, you can be sure that the cotton was purchased at a price that allows cotton producers in developing countries to invest sustainably in their businesses and communities.https://info.fairtrade.net