Lisbon: Botanical Garden of Lisbon

The Botanical Garden of Lisbon, also known as Jardim Botânico da Universidade de Lisboa, is located in the historic city of Lisbon, Portugal. It is considered one of the most important botanical gardens in Europe due to its rich collection of flora from Portugal and former Portuguese colonies, as well as from other regions of the world.

The garden was created in 1878 and is situated in the Ajuda district of Lisbon, close to the Ajuda National Palace. It covers an area of around four hectares and features a diverse collection of over 18,000 plant species, including trees, shrubs, flowers, and cacti. The garden is organized into different sections based on plant origin, such as the Mediterranean garden, the South African garden, and the tropical greenhouse.

In addition to its impressive collection of plants, the Botanical Garden of Lisbon is also known for its stunning architecture and landscaping. Visitors can admire the garden's ornate fountains, sculptures, and decorative tiles, as well as the historic greenhouses and pavilions. The garden also offers educational programs and guided tours for visitors of all ages.