Strelitzia is a genus of flowering plants that are native to South Africa. They are commonly known as bird of paradise plants due to their striking and colorful flowers that resemble the shape of a bird. The plant has large, stiff, paddle-shaped leaves that can grow up to 6 feet in length and are arranged in a fan-like pattern.

The flowers of Strelitzia are composed of three upright orange petals and three blue-purple petals that are fused together to form a single bloom. The flower emerges from a boat-shaped bract, which is usually orange in color. The blooms are long-lasting and make an attractive addition to any garden or indoor space.

Strelitzia plants require bright, indirect sunlight and moist, well-draining soil to thrive. They are also sensitive to cold temperatures and should be protected from frost. The plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors in suitable climates. It is a popular choice for tropical and subtropical landscapes and is often used as a focal point in garden beds or as a container plant.