June 14, 2023


By Tomas Rodak

Welcome to TOMs FLOWer CLUB, where not only your plants but also your floral art wishes come together! I strongly believe that floral art has the power to inspire and uplift, and we have an extraordinary pointillistic piece that will captivate your imagination. Imagine owning a stunning artwork that reflects your favorite color and incorporates your lucky number. Read on to discover the enchantment that awaits you.

Make a Wish:
In collaboration with the renowned pointillistic artist Dimitri Likissas, TOM's FLOWER CLUB presents the concept of making wishes. We invite you to embrace your dreams and desires as you explore our exquisite artwork. What is it that you long for? What stirs your soul? Allow yourself to dream, and let art be the vessel that brings your wishes to life.

Your Favorite Color:
Color speaks to the depths of our emotions, and we understand the significance of your favorite hue. When you acquire your 35 x 45cm pointillistic flower artwork, created with household gloss paint on canvas, you have the opportunity to choose the dominant color that resonates with you. Let your favorite color fill your space and evoke the emotions that inspire you.

Your Lucky Number:
Numbers hold mystical power and symbolism in our lives. In collaboration with the world-renowned artist Dimitri Likissas, we have created a series of pointillistic flower artworks where your lucky number takes center stage. Each piece is a unique creation, numbered from 001 to 999. Discover if your lucky number is available and claim it as your own, for it will be beautifully embedded within the intricate floral masterpiece.

Experience the Magic:
Dimitri Likissas' artwork is a testament to his artistic mastery and attention to detail. With each meticulously hand-painted dot, he weaves a story of beauty and grace. By acquiring this unique piece (1/1), you become the sole owner of a work that holds both aesthetic allure and personal significance.

Check the Number Availability:
To ensure the availability of your desired lucky number, please visit Dimitri's creative website and explore the enchanting world of his creations. There, you will find the collection and discover if your preferred number is still waiting to be claimed. Act swiftly, as each artwork is a one-of-a-kind treasure, and once a number is chosen, it is forever reserved.

Make a wish, embrace your favorite color, and celebrate your lucky number with a remarkable artwork by Dimitri Likissas. Let this unique piece grace your space, reminding you of your aspirations and the beauty that surrounds you. Your wishes are waiting to be fulfilled.

Wishing you an inspiring ART experience, your TOM