January 10, 2022


By Tomas Rodak
Hoya Kerrii, TOMs FLOWer CLUB, plant blog

I am sure you have seen (very often for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day) the individually potted leaves of the Hoya kerrii somewhere in a flower shop (at the corner) and perhaps thought about what will become of the leaf (if at all) one day. Is it really to become a proper Hoya plant? Big question mark ... 

The Hoya kerrii is also called heartleaf plant, porcelain flower, wax flower or little darling. On the market, the plant is often sold as a single, heart-shaped leaf cutting in a small pot. This cute little cutting remains unchanged for months or even years (between one to five years, I was once told by a gardener friend). During this time, you can only hope that the leaf does not die and forms a new plant shoot within some accordingly.

Please note that it can take "ages" for the Hoya leaf cuttings to show first growth. If the leaf offshoot turns yellow or shrivels after potting, it has probably not survived. If the small heart-shaped leaf remains green and appears basically unchanged, it has taken roots.

If you want to exercise patience and prove your green thumb over a long period of time, try the leaf cuttings of Hoya kerrii. However, I would not take the leaf cuttings that have been painted with paint or scratched with a laser if I were you. The plants should remain in their natural beauty. What do you think?

What is your experience with the leaf cuttings of Hoya kerri? Feel free to share your plant achievements with #tomsflowerclub on Instagram (if you have the account).