February 02, 2022


By Tomas Rodak
Sansevieria Buch von Peter Mansfeld; alle Arten und ihre Pflege; Buch über Zimmerpflanzen - Schwiegermutterzunge, die jeder kennt.
Being honest I cannot hear it anymore that SANSEVIERIAS
- "are also suitable for rooms without day light"
- "will be happy in the shady corner of your house"
- "do not need any care"
- "do not need sun light for proper growth"
...and similar kind of misleading information.

Prior I have started collecting, organically! growing and propagating sansevierias (currently counts my collection round 100 different varieties...), I was recommended to take the SANSEVIERIA book by P.A.Mansfeld, which has given me a perfect guideline to the Sansevieria world. I am not making any advertisement; this is just a pure recommendation for those of you (who speaks German, as the book is in German only), who really want to understand what the Sansevieria world is about.

Did you know that Sansevierias have been also called "student plants" because they are so easy to care for. The popular plants have become indispensable in our living and working spaces. The reader is given a comprehensive overview of their origin, history and care. All currently validly described species are presented in detail in the book. An index of names and synonyms, a list of cultivated varieties and hybrids as well as an overview of field numbers provide an overview of the diversity of forms. The richly illustrated handbook is one of the most comprehensive German-language works on the Sansevieria.

Happy reading to you!!!