March 11, 2024


By Tomas Rodak
TOMs FLOWer CLUB, Adliswil, Kilchberg, Zürich, Zurich International School, Blumenstrauss

Discover Our New Flower Stand “🔵MEN” (i.e. BLUMEN in German)🌺🌼🍀: Fresh Bouquets Made with Great Joy and Passion for Plants and Flowers.

Inspired by the enthusiasm of our family and friends for our floral art, we have decided, after careful consideration, to open our own 🔵MEN flower stand directly at our house. Herewith we would like to introduce you to our new flower stand and give you an insight into our passion for flowers and plants.

Our 🔵MEN Flower Stand: Our flower stand "BLUE-MEN" / "Blumen" in German,  offers fresh, handcrafted bouquets, with some of the flowers coming from our organic garden. Various herbs, plants, and flowers grow in our garden all year round, and we use exclusively organic farming methods without any pesticides.

Why a Flower Stand? The idea for our flower stand arose from the repeated enthusiasm of our family and friends for our bouquets. Many wondered why we didn't also offer bouquets for sale, as they were sure that many people in our area would be interested.

Visit Us! Visit our flower stand 🔵MEN at Grütstrasse 30, 8134 Adliswil, and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty and freshness of our handcrafted bouquets. Our flower stand is open from sunrise to sunset. Getting here is easy and free, and the stand is easily accessible by car, bicycle, motorcycle, or on foot. The bus stop 'Hofackerstrasse' is only a few meters away from the house. Whether you are traveling from Zurich to Kilchberg or Rüschlikon, or heading to the Zurich International School, our flower stand is conveniently located on your way. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Special Requests: Of course, we are also open to special requests; simply let us know your budget, favorite flowers, and color combinations, and we will get to work so that we can see the magic in your eyes afterward.