January 12, 2022


By Tomas Rodak
Propagating MONSTERA DELICIOSA BORSIGIANA ALBO-VARIEGATA, organically grown tropical plant blog by TOMs FLOWer CLUB
Propagating plants for the past 35 years I can tell that some plant are pretty easy to propagate and some are rather (pretty) difficult. Taking the given example, i.e. the stem cutting of MONSTERA DELICIOSA BORSIGIANA ALBO-VARIEGATA, you may wonder why it does not have any leaf/leaves.... the reason for that is quite simple... When I do the stem cuttings I always leave one leaf with the stem; honestly even this one leaf should be half-sized so that the evaporation surface is not that big and the cutting can "concentrate" on new rooting. Some cuttings even drop the leaf and only the "naked" stem remains... If this happens many people just get panicky... I do not think that there is any reason for panic as long as the stem is hard.  This is kind of a good sign, i.e. the roots are growing and new shoot will come shortly (like in the picture)... Generally the variegated plants rather need more time to root and also to grow (due to the lack of chlorophyl). Therefore, please be patient, plants require attention, love and also respective plant knowledge how to treat them... Only then the success is guaranteed.