June 19, 2023

WILHELMA in Stuttgart/Germany - your visit in the zoological-botanical garden

By Tomas Rodak
WILHELMA in Stuttgart/Germany - your visit in the zoological-botanical garden

If you're looking for a fascinating destination that delights both animal and plant lovers, I truly recommend visiting the historic Wilhelma in Stuttgart in Germany.

The Wilhelma has a captivating history dating back to the 19th century. It was originally built as a royal pleasure palace in the Moorish style and later served as a royal winter garden. The architectural details and stunning gardens of Wilhelma are testaments to its magnificent past.

Today, Wilhelma is a zoological-botanical garden and a popular tourist attraction. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of wildlife as you admire majestic big cats such as lions, tigers, and leopards. Observe the grace of elephants, the elegance of giraffes, and the playful primates like gorillas and chimpanzees. The diversity of animals in Wilhelma will surely impress you.

In addition to the fascinating animals, Wilhelma also offers a haven of tranquility and beauty in the form of its enchanting botanical garden. Explore an impressive variety of plant species, from fragrant flower beds to colorful rose gardens and exotic plants from different climatic zones. Visit the tropical house and be enchanted by the lush vegetation and exotic scents.

During your visit, you can not only admire the wildlife and plant life but also explore the picturesque garden grounds. Enjoy a leisurely walk along the ponds and waterfalls or find a cozy spot for a picnic amidst nature. Wilhelma also offers various restaurants and cafes where you can take a break and savor the atmosphere.

Wilhelma is not only a place of wonder but also a hub for conservation efforts. By visiting Wilhelma, you actively support the preservation of endangered animal species and contribute to ensuring that these fascinating creatures can be admired in the future.

So pack your camera, put on comfortable shoes, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in TOM's FLOWer CLUB style. The historic Wilhelma in Stuttgart awaits you with its unique blend of wildlife, botanical treasures, and architectural beauty. Don't miss the opportunity to explore this destination and create wonderful memories.