Begonia Masoniana River

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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Begonia Masoniana 'River'. This unique plant is grown from its own head cuttings & leaf propagation and is fully established.

Begonia Masoniana 'River' impresses with its asymmetrically round, dark purple leaves that are covered with hairy spines and have a beautiful silvery sheen. This evergreen plant comes from the forests of Vietnam and can reach a size of up to 50 cm.

For us, quality comes first and our plants are not over-fertilised. This makes them robust and healthy. We place great value on organic quality over quantity! The leaves of Begonia Masoniana 'River' are not treated with sprays or brighteners, making it suitable for tropical terrariums with animals.

This begonia is easy to care for and feels most at home in a semi-shady location that still receives sufficient light. Direct sunlight should be avoided. It is potted in our self-mixed, permeable organic substrate, which offers optimal growing conditions.

Repotting is only necessary in 1-2 years, as Begonia Masoniana 'River' grows slowly and feels comfortable in its current pot. It does the plant a lot of good to shower or spray its leaves with water 1-2 times a week.

From May to October, it can even enjoy the rain and wind outside in an indirectly sunny location.

Get your new Begonia Masoniana 'River' now and be inspired by its unique beauty! Enjoy your new plant!

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