Begonia Rex Inca Night

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Begonia rex, commonly known as Rex Begonia, is a species of flowering plant in the family Begoniaceae. It is native to the tropical rainforests of India and is highly valued for its striking foliage. The plant is popular as a houseplant or as an outdoor ornamental in subtropical and tropical regions.

The leaves of Begonia rex are the main highlight of this plant. They are large, asymmetrical, and have a unique, almost iridescent appearance. The leaves are typically rounded or heart-shaped, with serrated or lobed edges, and can grow up to 12-20 cm in diameter. The upper surface of the leaves is covered with fine hairs that give it a fuzzy texture, while the lower surface is usually a deep maroon color. The leaf coloration varies widely and can be found in shades of green, silver, purple, pink, red, and bronze. The leaves often have intricate patterns, with veins and markings in contrasting colors, which further adds to their appeal.

Begonia rex produces small flowers that are typically insignificant compared to the foliage. The flowers are usually pink or white, and are borne on upright stems that rise above the foliage. However, Rex Begonias are primarily grown for their stunning leaves rather than their flowers.

Begonia rex plants are relatively compact, usually reaching a height of about 30-45 cm, with a similar spread. They prefer bright, indirect light and well-draining, slightly acidic soil. They are generally grown as indoor plants, but can also be grown outdoors in shaded or partially shaded areas in subtropical or tropical climates. Rex Begonias are known for being relatively finicky and require specific care, including high humidity, moderate watering, and protection from drafts and extreme temperatures.

Overall, Begonia rex is a beautiful and unique plant with stunning foliage that adds a touch of elegance and drama to any indoor or outdoor setting. Its bold leaf colors and patterns make it a favorite among collectors and plant enthusiasts alike.


Begonia Rex with red-black leaves is a beautiful begonia species; from own leaf propagation; fully established; not over-fertilised therefore robust & healthy (100% organic quality before quantity!), no sprays/glossing agents for the leaves therefore also suitable for tropical terrariums with animals; easy to care for, very suitable for a semi-shady (but still bright) location (no direct sun!). ), potted in self-mixed permeable organic substrate; repotting only desired in 1 year; 1-2 times in a fortnight to shower off the leaves or spray with water is very good for the plant; between 05.-10. it can also enjoy the rain & wind outside in an indirect sunny location; much joy with your new "Begonia Rex Inca Night"!

You get the plant of the displayed size.