Begonia Rex Jolly Silver

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Begonia 'Jolly Silver' is an attractive variety of the begonia family known for its silvery green leaves and beautiful flowers. This variety is a 'Rex' hybrid begonia, created by crossing different begonia species.

The leaves of Begonia 'Jolly Silver' have a unique silvery-green colour. They are slightly hairy and have a slightly asymmetrical shape. The leaf structure is shiny and smooth. The silver colouring of the leaves gives the plant an elegant and classy look.

While the leaves are already eye-catching, Begonia 'Jolly Silver' also produces attractive flowers. The flowers are small and often have a pink or salmon colour. They form in loose clusters or racemes at the tips of the stems. The flowering period usually extends over several weeks and adds to the overall attractiveness of the plant.

In terms of care, Begonia 'Jolly Silver' prefers a light to semi-shady location. Direct sunlight should be avoided as this can burn the leaves. A spot near an east or west window where the plant receives indirect light is ideal.

Watering should be regular, making sure that the substrate can dry slightly between waterings. Waterlogging should be avoided as this can lead to root rot. Begonia 'Jolly Silver' also responds well to moderate humidity, so regular spraying of the leaves can be beneficial.

As far as temperature is concerned, this type of begonia feels comfortable at room temperatures, preferably between 18°C and 24°C. However, it is important to protect the plant from cold draughts or sudden temperature changes.

Begonia 'Jolly Silver' can be cultivated as an indoor plant and is also suitable for use in terrariums or sheltered outdoor areas. With its silvery green leaf colour and pretty flowers, it adds an elegant touch to any room.

Overall, Begonia 'Jolly Silver' is an attractive and relatively low-maintenance plant that will thrive with the right choice of location and appropriate care. With its decorative leaves and flowers, it is an asset to any plant lover.

Begonia Rex Jolly Silver is definitely a beautiful collector's plant, from own plant collection and propagation (already fully established young plants from foliage propagation); soon flowering; not over-fertilised (100% organic quality before quantity!), very suitable for a semi-shady location (no direct sun! ) ), easy to care for, not hardy; potted in a self-mixed permeable organic substrate; repotting only desired in 1-2 years; regular spraying of the leaves is very good for the plant; much joy with your new "Begonia Rex Jolly Silver "!

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