Begonia Selph's Mahogany

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Discover the fascinating Begonia 'Selph's Mahogany'! This plant comes from our own head cuttings propagation and is fully established to beautify your home.

Thanks to careful care, it is robust and healthy, because with us, organic quality always comes before quantity! The leaves are not treated with sprays or glossing agents, making the plant suitable for tropical terrariums with animals.

This easy-care beauty feels best in a semi-shady location, but still with sufficient light (direct sunlight should be avoided). It is potted in our self-mixed, permeable organic substrate, which offers the best growing conditions.

Repotting is only necessary in 1-2 years, as Begonia 'Selph's Mahogany' grows slowly and thrives well in its current pot. It does the plant a lot of good to shower or spray its leaves with water 1-2 times a week.

Between 5th - 10th it can happily enjoy rain and wind outside in an indirectly sunny location. This plant is a real gem and will give you much pleasure!

Enjoy your new Begonia 'Selph's Mahogany'! Let yourself be enchanted by its beauty!

You get the displayed plant.