Alocasia Amazonica

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Alocasia Amazonica, commonly known as African Mask Plant or Elephant Ear, is a fascinating hybrid plant known for its stunning foliage. Its characteristic feature is the impressive arrow-shaped leaves with a deep green colour and striking white or light green veins that form a visually appealing pattern. The glossy texture of the leaves adds to their overall appeal.

In its native habitat, the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia, Alocasia Amazonica thrives in warm and humid conditions. When grown indoors, it adapts well to bright, indirect light. The plant can grow to a considerable size, with leaves over a metre long, and its overall height varies depending on environmental factors and care.

Proper care includes well-drained soil and consistent moisture, but beware of overwatering, which can lead to problems such as root rot.

Planted in self-mixed, permeable organic substrate and grown WITHOUT massive use of fertiliser, therefore robust and extremely healthy (100% organic quality over quantity!); no sprays/glossing agents for the leaves; repotting in the coming year/spring desired; beautiful as a solitary plant; for indoors, patio or conservatory. The plants like it warm and moist (indoors they can be sprayed regularly with lukewarm water). Colocasia can be grown as a container plant in the garden between 5-10 May in a sunny to semi-shady position. Neither the plant nor the tuber is hardy!

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