Aloe / Aloiampelos ciliaris - CUTTING

CHF 18.00
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Offered is a 10cm long cutting of the Aloe (nowadays better known as "Aloiampelos") ciliaris from an untreated mother plant from my own plant collection (see picture, this one is not for sale), simply put it into a permeable cactus substrate to let the cutting root; will be cut fresh from the plant only after payment has been received or collection has been confirmed - "fresher" is not possible; beautiful dark green fine leaves, the plant is for a fully sunny location. after receipt of payment or confirmed collection - "fresher" is not possible...; beautiful dark green fine leaves, easy to care for, the plant is for a fully sunny location; with time up to 1-1.5m long shoots, not over-fertilised therefore top robust and healthy (100% organic quality before quantity!), not winter-hardy, between March - October it can enjoy the fresh air outside in a fully sunny location... enjoy your new Aloe / Aloiampelos ciliaris!

You get the plant CUTTING of the displayed size.