Rosenstöckli - Climbing Rose - Cutting

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The Rosenstöckli - climbing rose was grown and cultivated as a "garden seedling" from the romantic rose/wild garden - also known as "Rosenstöckli" - by the unique Mrs. Elsbeth Stoiber on the Albis (780m above sea level). So I also got this beautiful rose as a cutting and have been enjoying it every day for almost 10 years and at the same time it is a beautiful souvenir. As I have already been asked a couple of times if I had this rose, I am now offering the cuttings for the first time for self-growing.

Slightly pink at the beginning of flowering - to pure white at the end of flowering; single flowering; delicately pink scented; super robust - not susceptible to disease - very hardy - super good growing (can grow up to 10m high; new shoots can grow out to 3-4m within a year - regular pruning required; very suitable as a "flowering protective border" or as a "rose tree". or for a large rose pergola.

Offered as a 15-20cm long stem cutting (with 5-6 leaf tiers/eyes; as per picture); this will only be freshly cut from my Rosenstöckli after receipt of payment and cut for insertion; if you have a green thumb & patience - then you can grow your own climbing rose "Rosenstöckli" from Mrs. Elsbeth Stoiber from the Albis... A rose with history!

You get the rose cutting of the displayed size.