Cymbidium Hybride White Burgundy Tiger Lips Orchid

CHF 88.00
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Cymbidium hybrid with wonderfully unusual flowers in the colour white-burgundy, very beautiful and unique; it can flower for up to 8-10 weeks.

Offered as a "plant family" with 4-5 plants/shoots / CHF 93 - pot price.

Not over-fertilised, therefore robust & healthy (100% organic quality before quantity!), currently about 50x50cm high/wide; not hardy, also suitable for light/semi-shady locations (please avoid direct sunlight), repot in orchid substrate & spray frequently with (rain)water; enjoy your new Cymbidium orchid!

Did you know that the name Cymbidium is most likely derived from the Greek "kymbos", which means "boat" and refers to the shape of the lips?

For sale are the fully established plants (4-5-6 shoots in the pot) for the pot price or the the respective bare rooted side shoots.

You get the plant of the displayed size.