Cymbidium Hybride Yellow Apple Green Orchid

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Cymbidium Hybride White Orchid; this ground orchid grows robustly even in colder conditions as its roots are planted in the soil and, unlike most other orchids, it is supplied with nutrients. This orchid, which is a symbol of friendship and respect in Asia, blooms between October and March and displays its elegant flowers for an average of four to six weeks.

Discover the fascination of the Cymbidium orchid, which has emerged from my own propagation and collection by dividing my organically grown mother plant. This exquisite orchid attracts its attention through the pure white during the flowering period. These easy-care orchids thrive in cooler rooms and prefer modest fertilisation for robust health.

They are not frost resistant, but adapt well to semi-shady locations and are therefore perfect for outdoor placement between April and September. However, direct sunlight and waterlogging should be avoided. When planted in a permeable organic orchid substrate specially designed for cymbidiums, repotting is only recommended every 2-3 years. Welcome this beauty into your room and enjoy the elegance of your new Cymbidium orchid!

Did you know that the name Cymbidium is most likely derived from the Greek 'kymbos', which means 'boat' and reflects the lip shape of the flower?

Cymbidium hybrid with wonderfully unusual flowers in the colour green-apple (with time it turns into greenish yellow), very beautiful and unique; it can flower for up to 8-10 weeks.

Not over-fertilised, therefore robust & healthy (100% organic quality before quantity!), currently about 50x50cm high/wide; not hardy, also suitable for light/semi-shady locations (please avoid direct sunlight), repot in orchid substrate & spray frequently with (rain)water; enjoy your new green-yellow hybrid Cymbidium!

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