Lycaste Hybride Chita Impulse

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Lycaste Chita Impulse is a hybrid orchid species known for its beautiful burgundy coloured large flowers (simply gorgeous!). This epiphytic plant originates from the cloud forests of Central and South America. It has long, slender pseudobulbs crowned by broad, glossy, pure green leaves. The flowers of Chita Impulse are large and beautiful. Each flower has an elegant, star-shaped form. This orchid requires a humid environment and indirect light to thrive optimally.

We sell plants from our own propagation; division of the mother plant from our own orchid/plant collection; not over-fertilised, therefore robust & top healthy (100% organic quality over quantity! ), not hardy, also suitable for light/semi-shady locations (please avoid direct sunlight), planted in self-mixed, well-drained orchid substrate (the plant does not need to be repotted for the next 1-2 years); please spray with water frequently; enjoy your new orchid beauty - Lycaste Chita Impulse!

You get the plant of the displayed size.