Oeceoclades Gracillima / Oeceoclades Roseovariegata

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Oeceoclades Gracillima, also known as Oeceoclades Roseovariegata, is a special species of orchid endemic to Madagascar. It is hard to believe that this very unusual plant is an orchid! It is a miniature plant with pseudobulbs that are about one centimetre in size and have a natural leaf span of up to three centimetres. The flowers are small, odourless and greenish-brown with a white interior with pink spots. Oeceoclades, also known as the monk's orchid, is mostly terrestrial and grows in humus between rock crevices or in deciduous forests. "Roseovariegata" means rose + variegated, referring to the pink and silver speckled variegated leaves. Offered as a fully established, root-free plant / pseudobulb for self-potting from the division of your own collection plant; not over-fertilised, therefore robust & top healthy (100% organic quality over quantity! ), not hardy, to be planted in a well-drained orchid substrate; please spray frequently with water; or cultivate in the garden in a NOT directly sunny location between May and October; enjoy your new orchid beauty Oeceoclades Gracillima / Oeceoclades Roseovariegata!

You get the bare rooted plant of the displayed size.