Polystachya Pubescens

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Polystachya pubescens is a small to medium-sized epiphytic orchid native to various parts of tropical Africa, including Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. It typically has a compact growth habit with pseudobulbs that are clustered together.

The leaves are generally lance-shaped and can be leathery, while the flowers are usually small, delicate, and can be white, yellow, or greenish in color. These flowers grow in clusters on an inflorescence that emerges from the top of the pseudobulbs.

This orchid thrives in tropical and subtropical forests, often growing on trees as an epiphyte. It prefers humid, shaded environments where it can receive filtered sunlight. Warm, humid conditions similar to its native tropical habitat are ideal. It is not frost-tolerant and should be protected from cold temperatures. Bright, indirect light is required as direct sunlight can scorch the leaves, while insufficient light can inhibit flowering.

Polystachya pubescens needs consistent moisture, especially during the growing season. The potting medium should be kept evenly moist but not waterlogged, with reduced watering during the dormant period in winter. High humidity levels (60-80%) are beneficial for optimal growth. Using a humidity tray or regular misting can help maintain the required humidity.

The ideal temperature range is between 18°C to 25°C. While it can tolerate slightly cooler or warmer temperatures, it should be protected from extreme conditions.

This orchid can be grown in small pots or mounted on slabs of bark or wood. A well-draining medium, such as a mix of bark and sphagnum moss, is ideal.

Offered for sale are plants from my own propagation - divisions of my mother plant from my orchid collection. There are 2-3 bulbs/plants potted in one pot in orchid soil.

You get the plant of the displayed size.