Vanda Yano Blue Orchid

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Vanda Yano Blue is a hybrid orchid species that can bloom beautifully for most of the year; the hybrid "Yano Blue" is characterised by large - blue - blue-spotted - flowers up to 10cm in diameter (these can last for several months on the plant); this orchid needs a humid environment and indirect light to thrive optimally; the aerial roots should hang freely so that they can absorb the nutrients (by frequent water spraying) accordingly (please do not put anything in the substrate!).

We offer a plant from our own plant/orchid collection (1/1); currently about 90cm tall/long (from the magnificent flower to the aerial roots) - attached to a 100cm long bamboo stick; not over-fertilised, therefore robust & top healthy (100% organic quality over quantity! ), not hardy, also suitable for light/semi-shaded locations (please avoid direct sunlight), spray with water frequently; between May and September it can be grown outside in a light/(semi-)shaded location (e.g. hanging from a tree); enjoy your new orchid beauty - Vanda Yano Blue!

You get the plant (after the blossom) of the displayed size.