Begonia Gehrtii

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Begonia gehrtii, also known as Gehrt's begonia, is a fascinating plant with asymmetrically round, light green leaves that have a beautiful leaf structure. This evergreen plant originates from the forests of Brazil and can reach a maximum size of up to 50 cm.

The Begonia gehrtii is propagated from its own head cuttings and is fully established. It has not been over-fertilised, which contributes to its robustness and health. Quality comes before quantity here, so no sprays or glossing agents have been used on the leaves. This makes this begonia suitable for tropical terrariums with animals.

The care of this plant is simple. It thrives best in a semi-shaded location with sufficient light, but without direct sunlight. The Begonia gehrtii is potted in a self-mixed, permeable organic substrate. Repotting is only necessary after 1-2 years.

It is advisable to shower or spray the leaves of the Begonia gehrtii with water 1-2 times a week as this is good for the plant. Between May and October, it can happily be exposed to rain and wind outside in an indirectly sunny location. This begonia will bring a wonderful atmosphere to your garden or home.

Please note that the picture of Begonia gehrtii can be found in TOMs FLOWer CLUB to view the beauty of this plant and to get more information. We hope you enjoy your new Begonia gehrtii and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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