Begonia Gryphon

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Begonia Gryphon, also known as Begonia Rex 'Gryphon', is a popular houseplant known for its striking leaves and relatively easy care.

Begonia Gryphon is characterised by its large, asymmetrical leaves that have an interesting texture and pattern. The leaves are usually green or silvery-green with a mixture of darker spots, veins or stripes.

In terms of care, the Begonia Gryphon prefers bright, indirect lighting but without direct sunlight as this can cause leaf burn. A location near an east or west window is ideal. The temperature should be between 18°C and 24°C and the humidity should be moderate.

Watering should be regular but not excessive. It is important to keep the substrate evenly moist, but avoid waterlogging as this can lead to root rot. It is advisable to let the substrate dry slightly between waterings. It is best to use lime-free water or filtered water.

The Begonia Gryphon responds well to regular pruning to maintain a compact and bushy shape. Overall, the Begonia Gryphon is a relatively low-maintenance houseplant that thrives with the right choice of location, adequate watering and occasional fertilisation. With its decorative leaves, it is a beautiful addition to interiors, offices or sheltered outdoor areas.

Begonia Gryphon is definitely a nice collector's plant, from own plant collection and propagation (head cuttings; all already fully established); flowering soon; not over-fertilised (100% organic quality over quantity!), very suitable for a semi-shady location (no direct sun! ) ), easy to care for, not hardy; potted in self-mixed permeable organic substrate; repotting only desired in 1-2 years; regular rinsing of the leaves is very good for the plant; much joy with your new "Begonia Gryphon"!

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