Begonia Luxarians

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Begonia Luxurians is a tropical plant with striking, palm-shaped leaves. The leaves are large, rounded and have a deep green colour with a glossy, slightly hairy finish. The leaves are symmetrically arranged and sit on long, strong stems. Begonia luxurians also has an upright habit.

Care instructions:

Location: Begonia luxurians prefers a light to semi-shade location with indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight as this can cause leaf burn. A spot near an east or west window is often ideal.

Temperature: Begonia luxurians thrives at moderate room temperatures between 18-24°C. Avoid extreme temperature fluctuations and make sure the plant is protected from draughts.

Watering: Begonia luxurians prefers even moisture in the soil, but waterlogging should be avoided. Allow the top layer of soil to dry slightly between waterings before watering again. However, avoid letting the soil dry out completely as this can lead to leaf loss.

Humidity: Begonia luxurians prefers higher humidity. You can increase the humidity by placing the plant on a saucer filled with water or by spraying it regularly with water. However, make sure the plant is not in standing water to prevent root rot.

Fertilisation: Begonia luxurians should be fertilised with a balanced houseplant fertiliser every 2-4 weeks during the growing season from spring to autumn. In winter, fertilisation can be reduced or suspended.

Repotting: Begonia luxurians should be repotted every 1-2 years into a larger pot with good drainage holes to provide space for root growth.

Leaf care: Regularly remove dead leaves and carefully clean the leaves of dust to maintain the health and appearance of the plant.


Offered is a fully established plant grown from the head/stem cuttings; just a beautiful collection plant/begonia, from self propagation (you can rejuvenate it when it reaches certain heights - it can grow up to 2-3m tall if desired); stem forming; not over fertilised therefore robust & healthy (100% organic quality over quantity!), easy to care for, very suitable for a half-shady location (no direct sun!), potted up in a self-mixed permeable organic substrate; repotting only desired in 1 year; showering off the leaves or spraying with water 1-3 times a week does the plant a lot of good; enjoy your new Begonia beauty - "Begonia Luxurians"!

You get the plant of the displayed size.