Tillandsia Juncifolia on plum wood

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Tillandsia Juncifolia - 3-branched; tied in a moss nest on the plum wood for hanging (PLEASE do not plant in the substrate!); for a bright/sunny location; in summer it can hang outside; suitable for terrariums of any kind (never sprayed or fertilised - 100% organic quality); not hardy, not over-fertilised therefore robust and top healthy (quality before quantity!). ), slow-growing (from private Tillandsia collection), beautiful silver-green leaves; easy to care for; 3-5 showers a month (with decalcified or rainwater!!!) is very good for the plant; purple flowers; after flowering it forms new side plants and continues to grow - making it even more compact; enjoy this unique air plant beauty - Tillandsia Juncifolia!

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