Pelargonium Zonale Hybrid Mrs. Pollock

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Introducing TOMs FLOWer CLUB Exclusive: Pelargonium "Mrs. Pollock" - Unleash the Beauty in Your Garden!

Discover the enchanting Pelargonium "Mrs. Pollock," a truly special plant available exclusively at TOMs FLOWer CLUB. With its mesmerizing yellow variegated "Zonale-cross" leaves and captivating red flowers, this botanical masterpiece is sure to become the centerpiece of your garden.

What sets our Pelargonium "Mrs. Pollock" apart is that it comes from our very own propagation, rejuvenating the mother plant from our cherished collection. This ensures the utmost care and attention to detail, resulting in a plant that is already well-established and thriving.

At TOMs FLOWer CLUB, we prioritize quality over quantity, meaning your Pelargonium "Mrs. Pollock" has been cultivated with organic practices and is robust and healthy. We believe in offering plants that are nurtured, not overfertilized, so you can enjoy a vibrant and resilient addition to your garden.

Care for the Pelargonium "Mrs. Pollock" is a breeze, making it ideal for both experienced gardeners and beginners. Thriving in sunny locations, it effortlessly brightens any corner with its stunning variegated leaves. With proper care, this plant will continue to bring joy for years to come.

To provide the best growing conditions, we have potted the Pelargonium "Mrs. Pollock" in a self-mixed permeable organic substrate. This ensures optimal drainage and creates an environment where your plant can truly flourish. You can rest easy knowing that repotting will only be necessary after a year.

Imagine the beauty of your garden adorned with the striking red-colored flowers of Pelargonium "Mrs. Pollock." Please note that while this variety is not hardy, it can be overwintered in a bright and cool location, maintaining a temperature of approximately 10°C. During this period, watering should be reduced to preserve the plant's health.

Indulge in the elegance and charm of Pelargonium "Mrs. Pollock" by adding it to your collection today. Exclusively available at TOMs FLOWer CLUB, this remarkable plant will elevate your garden to new heights. Don't miss out – order now and experience the sheer beauty of Pelargonium "Mrs. Pollock" in your own garden!

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