Boophone Disticha - Fan Lily

CHF 253.00
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From own plant collection; very rare fan lily from South Africa, rarity!; grown from small seedling plant/tuber; planted in new clay pot in self-mixed permeable organic substrate (repotting only desired in 2-3years); not overfertilised therefore robust & top healthy, slow growing, forms symmetrically arranged leaves, which give the Boophone disticha an amazing appearance. They protrude from the ground like a fan; from spring to summer the plant needs more water than in winter during the winter break; avoid waterlogging at all costs; water only when the soil is as good as dry; for a bright/sunny spot; not hardy; overwinter protected in a bright and cooler room during the winter months, pink-red flowering; enjoy your new Boophone Disticha - Fan Lily!
You get the plant of the displayed size.