Callisia Elegans - CUTTING

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Discover our trailing leaf plant - Callisia Elegans - from tropical America! Callisia Elegans is characterized by its egg-shaped or lanceolate leaves with beautiful patterns and also produces small, inconspicuous white flowers.

For optimal growth, they require bright light, but they do not tolerate direct sunlight. Adequate light is also important in winter, so they should be placed in a bright location.

The temperature should be kept between 18 and 22 °C, with no less than 12 °C in winter to maintain the health of the plants.

A moderately moist environment is ideal for these plants. Regular watering to maintain moisture in the soil is important.

Propagation of these plants is simple and is done through stem cuttings, which easily root under plastic film at a soil temperature of 20 °C.

For optimal growth, we recommend humus-rich, nutrient-poor soil, preferably potting soil.

Discover the diversity of these fascinating leaf plants and bring tropical flair to your home or garden!

Callisia Elegans is offered as freshly cut stem cuttings - approximately 10-15cm long. Enjoy your new Callisia Elegans!

You get the plant CUTTING of the displayed size.